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How do I explore this website?
Uploading pictures and resizing?
In brief, who were our ancestors?
Easy messaging to other users and the admin's.

How do I explore this website?
Just follow links. Click on different charts, graphs and reports. Have fun,

Uploading pictures and resizing?
Uploading pictures – I’m thinking this is advanced for most users, so I will suggest uploading it and BrianWU will monitor the images and resize as needed.

For users knowing how to adjust their image sizes, what I think is working well is to resize them for minimum size, but big enough for perhaps a 3x5 print. I am doing the following - just have to make it easy to show people how to edit images properly. You may use any picture editing program you’re familiar with, perhaps Microsoft Office Picture Manager, your phone or tablet software, etc. All are slightly different.

Recommended sizes: size uploaded pictures to 72 dpi. As I'm doing that, I resize/reduce them down to about 1000 - 1200 maximum pixels wide. Then I "Save as Web", to save the new copy--this eliminates any colors from the image that can't be displayed over a website.

Pro: minimizes the file size for the website - so it downloads quickly, and looks as good as the original on screen. Significantly reduces the image size and should be fine for the web server thumbnails and maybe a 3x5 print. So, Files are re- sized to anywhere from 123 - 257 kb.

Con: This would NOT be the "archival/original copy" so if it were downloaded and printed, it would not look as good as the original scanned image, so the original source copy would then be needed if a larger print out or screen image were needed.
The original pictures should be archived by the users or preferably copy them to Brian’s shared Google Drive at FamilyTree. This is done from any standard browser—no loading apps required. Note that before doing so, email your GMAIL (only) email address so you can be added to the share. If you detest GMAIL, I can also setup a temporary link for you to upload files to from any computer, regardless of your email ID.

Call or email me if you have any questions!
-Brian W. Umberson
Ref: Original write up by Gary and revised by Brian for FAQ.

For detailed info on file sizes, pixels, etc. see

Excerpt from URL:
When you are considering uploading files to webtrees it is worth thinking about all of the following points:

Webtrees is a family history program, NOT a photo gallery. It does not need archival quality images, and will not work well if they are used.

Not all your users will have ultra-high speed internet connections. So displaying a huge archival quality image could delay a page from displaying for several minutes in some cases.

Reduce the resolution of images to around 72 px/inch. This is generally adequate for website display.

Keep image dimension within what is reasonable for most computer screens. Something no wider than 1200 px is probably as big as you need.

Convert images to black and white (1 bit) where that is appropriate. Many old documents were produced only in black and white, so high definition colour is pointless.

Use image software to crop images to only use the parts you need. It makes the picture look better, as well as reducing its storage requirements.

In brief, who were our ancestors?

1. 'Jerome' George Umberson's b.~1810 times and families: Berry, Kellum, Tabor, and Humberson by slim records. Via his children NOT named below: coming soon!

A. His youngest son Jerome 'George' Umberson descent families: Kiker Hunt Middlebrooks

Via his children's families: Burgess Sappington Berryman Strong

B. His eldest son William Franklin Umberson descent families: 1st wife - Westmoreland 2 wife - Singleton McDonald Presnall

Via WFU children: McIlhaney and others.

C. His grand-children by son George Washington Umberson and wife Julia (Burgess) are Marvin, Hazel, Ernest, and Carl.

Other names in the www meta-tag: Umberson Humberson Jerome Genealogy Geneology Roots lineage ancestry Tabor 

By Brian W. Umberson Aug. 22, 2015

Easy messaging to other users and the admin's.

Hi UmbersonFamily!

We want to make sure everyone knows about the messaging inside webtrees--you may send a message to any other user to seek further information or to just say Hi! Click the "My Pages" link at the top, then see the "Messages" box. 

Optionally, from the same "My Pages" area--you may go to "My Account" and change "Contact method" to 'Internal Messaging with emails' so the message will automatically forward to you email account too. You may then reply from either webtrees or your email.

Have fun and send me a message if you have any questions.

-Brian Umberson